International music festival FeNS (festival of New Stars)

FeNS is a traditional international music festival in Slovenia, held every year in summer in Taverna, one of the most famous cultural sights in the old town centre of the port town of Koper. Every summer since 1996 the festival attracted into its ranks more than 1.500 young artists and thousands of their supporters.

FeNS is a perfect start for young performers to gain new experiences and make new connections and friendships. Many of FeNS participants later performed at the most famous festivals in Slovenia like Slovenska popevka, Melodije morja in sonca and even on Eurosong.

The primary objective of the festival is promotion and support to young musical creativity and to give young performers the opportunity to show their talents: with author music and lyrics and mostly their vocal interpretation, singing live on stage with audience, and to be promoted on national television and radio stations.

In 2022, Koper will await the 27th edition of the festival organised by Agencija Plahutnik. Welcome, we are very happy to host you in our beautiful town!


­čîč Every year a professional international experts jury participate in the selection of songs and the decision on the winners: known and experienced musicians, music editors, producers, festival directors.

­čîč FeNS is member of the World association of festivals WAF – http://www.waf.mk/

­čîč For information, feel free to contact us:

Pavle Plahutnik (SLO, SRB, CRO)
E: info@agencijaplahutnik.com
T: +386 (0) 41 621 141

Maja Plahutnik Nahtigal (ENG, ITA)
E: maja.plahutnik@gmail.com
T: +386 (0) 41 370 404

Application forms and materials to be sent to the office address:
Agencija Plahutnik (FeNS), Bo┼íamarin 32, 6000 Koper, Slovenia – EU
OR via e-mail and transfers for big size files.

Social media links:


Festival FeNS 1996 ÔÇŽ 2021 ­čśŹ

­čîč 1996 Nova scena: Kingston | Najstni┼íki: Sa┼ío Balant | Otro┼íki: Anina Trobec
­čîč 1997 Nova scena: Tinkara Kova─Ź | Najstni┼íki: Aleksandra ─îermelj
Otroški: Ylenia Zobec
­čîč 1998 Nova scena: Botri | Najstni┼íki: Aleksandra ─îermelj | Otro┼íki: Ylenia Zobec
­čîč 1999 Nova scena: Lara Baruca | Najstni┼íki: Ylenia Zobec | Otro┼íki: Katja Klemenc
­čîč 2000 Nova scena: Polona in Nova pot | Najstni┼íki: 4-ever in Pinocchio
Otroški: Jasna Kneipp
­čîč 2001 Nova scena: Aleksandra ─îermelj | Najstni┼íki: Maja Po┼żar | Otro┼íki: skupina Pupe
­čîč 2002 Nova scena: Nata┼ía Arti─Źek | Najstni┼íki: skupina Vox | Otro┼íki: Rok Hvala
­čîč 2003 Nova scena: Vika Zore | Najstni┼íki: Anja Ba┼í
Otro┼íki: Leja Romana Zupan─Źi─Ź & Flip
­čîč 2004 Nova scena: Brigita ┼áuler | Najstni┼íki: Eva ─îerne | Otro┼íki: Timi Brin┼íek
­čîč 2005 Nova scena: Zeus | Najstni┼íki: Anna | Otro┼íki: Ditka ─îepin
­čîč 2006 Nova scena: Ultra | Najstni┼íki: Paraziti p. 13 | Otro┼íki: David
­čîč 2007 Nova scena: Nina Virant | Najstni┼íki: Amina Majeti─Ź | Otro┼íki: Nastja Gabor
­čîč 2008 Nova scena: Martina Cvetkovi─ç | Najstni┼íki: Nastja Gabor | Otro┼íki: Eva Boto
­čîč 2009 Nova scena: Black Cat | Najstni┼íki: David Grom | Otro┼íki: Marko ┼ákof
­čîč 2010 Nova scena: Ajda Stina Turek | Najstni┼íki: Nives Zavr┼ínik | Otro┼íki: Klara Kolari─Ź
­čîč 2011 Nova scena: Nik Mars | Najstni┼íki: Tja┼ía Hrovat | Otro┼íki: Nina Po─Źkaj
­čîč 2012 Najstni┼íki: Zala Smolnikar | Otro┼íki: Pika Berneti─Ź
­čîč 2013 Nova scena: Matic Marenti─Ź | Najstni┼íki: Sara Paji─ç Osolnik
Otroški: Magdalena Rogić
­čîč 2014 Nova scena: Sabrina Zav┼íek | Najstni┼íki: Leja Leutgeb | Otro┼íki 2 let: Milana Ili─Źi─ç
Otro┼íki 1: Magdalena Rogi─ç | Grand Prix WAF: Klara Kolari─Ź
­čîč 2015 Nova scena: Sara Lampre─Źnik | Najstni┼íki: Teodora Stankovi─ç
Otro┼íki 2: Marija Badri─ç, Leticija Brle─Źi─ç, Margareta ┼áurina & Allegro
Otroški 1: Emanuela Malešević, Eva Tišljar, Elena Matleković
Grand Prix WAF: Emilija Boškić | najboljši nastop: Leja Plut & plesna skupina
­čîč 2016 Nova scena 2: Kaja ┼Żidanek | Nova scena 1: Sanja Kresojevi─Ź
Najstni┼íki: Karla Havi | Otro┼íki 2: Sara Gigova | Otro┼íki 1: Minka Lavri─Ź,
Grand Prix WAF: Kaja ┼Żidanek | najbolj┼íi nastop: Leticija Brle─Źi─ç,
Eva Hercigonja, Sara Ladika, Allegro & Sesvetski klinci
­čîč 2017 Nova scena 2: Sabrina Zav┼íek | Nova scena 1: Leja Tratar,
Najstni┼íki 2: Nika ─îi┼żmek | Najstni┼íki 1: Tara Dimitrijevi─ç,
Otroški 2: Petra Kunstić | Otroški 1: Arnika Marancin,
Grand Prix WAF: Sabrina Zavšek | najboljši nastop: Tisa Starc, Kristina Čok
­čîč 2018 Nova scena: Lana Hrvatin | Najstni┼íki 2: Aleks Pavlin | Najstni┼íki 1: Eni Ru┼żi─ç
Otroški 2: Daria Pozdeeva | Otroški 1: Zoja Jamnišek
Grand Prix WAF: Daria Pozdeeva | najbolj┼íi nastop: Sara Lina Jagodic Ve─Źerina
najboljša interpretacija: Tjaša Jakup
­čîč 2019 Nova scena 2: ┼ápela Jezov┼íek-Stella | Nova scena 1: Artur Borisov
Najstni┼íki 2: Eni Ru┼żi─ç | Najstni┼íki 1: Daria Pozdeeva | Otro┼íki 2: Tia Miki─ç
Otro┼íki 1: Leila Medenhod┼żi─Ź | Grand Prix WAF: Artur Borisov
najboljša interpretacija: Tjaša Jakup, Artur Borisov
­čîč 2020 Nova scena: Emma Uvali─ç
Najstni┼íki 2: Janez Iva─Źi─Ź | Najstni┼íki 1: Roko Sedlar
Otroški 2: Marina Muštra | Otroški 1: Mia Ištvanić
najboljša interpretacija: Lina Cigler | najboljši videospot: Neli Jerot

­čîč 2021 Nova scena:
Najstniški 2:  | Najstniški 1:
Otroški 2:  | Otroški 1:
najboljša interpretacija:  | najboljši videospot: