About the festival FeNS

About the festival FeNS

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International festival FeNS (festival of new stars)

FeNS is a traditional international music festival in Slovenia that is held every year in summer in Taverna, one of the most famous cultural sights in the old town centre of the port town of Koper. Every summer since 1996 the festival attracted into its ranks more than 1000 new artists. FeNS was always the first step for young performers and some of them later performed at the most famous festivals in Slovenia like Slovenska popevka, Melodije morja in sonca and even on the Eurosong.
In 2016, Koper will await the 21th edition of the festival organised by Agencija Plahutnik.

The primary objective of the festival is the promotion of young musical creativity and to give young performers the opportunity to show their vocal talent with their interpretation, to gain new experiences and make new friendships. The participants sing before a live audience and in front of the national television cameras and radio stations.

Festival unites the young and the young at heart, creates new friendships and rewards in 5 categories:
– Children (up to 9 years and 10-12 years)
– Teenagers (from 13-15 years)
– New Scene Fens (from 16-18 and 19-27 years).

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Every year a professional experts jury (known and experienced musicians, music editors) participates in the selection of songs. The decision on the winners is taken by the experts jury and listeners of radio stations in Slovenia and neighboring participant countries.

Radio stations that have so far participated: Radio Slovenija, Radio Koper, Radio Capris (Koper), Radio Morje (Koper), Radio 94 (Postojna), Radio Štajerski val, Radio City (Maribor), Radio Celje, Radio Tednik Ptuj, Radio Robin (Nova Gorica), Radio Ormož, Radio Trbovlje, Radio Cerkno, Radio Sora (Škofja Loka), ÖRF slovenski program Celovec, Radio Trst A, Radio Glas Ljubljana, Radio Murski Val, Radio Univox (Kocevje), Radio Univox (Kocevje), Radio Maribor, Radio Ptuj, Radio Hit Domžale, Radio Kranj, Radio Brežice, Radio Gama MM (Ljubljana), Lendava Muravidek Magyar Radio, Radio Posavje (studio Brežice), Radio Antena 1 (Ljubljana), Radio Dur (Medvode), Radio Zeleni val (Grosuplje), Radio Velenje.

For any information, feel free to contact us. We are very happy to host you in our beautiful town!


Pavle Plahutnik (SLO, SRB, CRO)
E: info(at)agencijaplahutnik.com
T: +386 (0) 41 621 141

Maja Plahutnik Nahtigal (ENG, ITA)
E: maja.plahutnik@gmail.com
T: +386 (0) 41 370 404

Application forms and materials to be sent to the address
Agencija Plahutnik (FeNS), Bošamarin 32, 6000 Koper, Slovenia – EU

Or via e-mail to fens.press@gmail.com